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How to Make an App? 14 – Step Guide to Make a Successful Mobile App

Writen By Sumit Bedi

Founder & CEO @Appknit

How to make an app process

Voila! You got your app idea that will change the human life for ever. Wow! That is Amazing! What next? You don’t know how to make an app. Well, Here is is guide to help you find the riches you seek.


How to Make an App – Step 1: Refine Your Idea

Best ideas are the ones that can be stated in 1 line or less. A one liner idea that is simple to understand will not help you gain clarity of your vision but also help you attract employees and investors at a later date.


“Best ideas are the ones that can be stated in 1 line or less”


Refine how to make your app idea

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Take example of some of the best ideas that have changed the way we live:

Uber: “get a cab on click of a button”

Amazon: “Online book store”

Instagram: “Share Photos with Friends”

So, try and write your vision that will help you achieve your goal. Ask and answer the following questions:

  • What exactly do you want the app to do?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • How will the app simplify life for people who use it?

Once you are absolutely clear in your mind what you want to accomplish, now is the time for execution.


How to Make an App – Step 2: Sketch Your Idea

Now your idea is crystal clear but you will need to use the pen and paper to move your clearly worded ideas into visual representations. Try to work out a rough flow of what the users will be able to do, what will be the basic features so on and so forth. Probably, you can also make a flow chart for the process the user will follow. 


How to Make an App – Step 3: Create Wireframes


Create Wireframes for your App

Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash


Wireframes will act as the blueprint of your app. Here you take your sketch and you give your idea a lot of clarity and functionality. The major difference is instead of pen and paper, you use a software to do this. This wireframe will become the foundation for your apps development, so it really is a crucial step.


“Wireframe will act as the blueprint of your app” 


There are a lot of wireframing websites that you can use to help you but as kit is a very crucial step if you are not an experienced designer it is preferable to have someone who can guide you with the best practices.


How to Make an App – Step 4: Design the look

Now its time to do the cool stuff. UI, User Interface Design is a very important part of your app because people are attracted to how things look and how easy they are to navigate. But how to design your app?

Here you will need to hire a UI/UX designer who can help you design the high resolution skins, or visually appealing screens based on your wireframe, for your app. 


Design your App


How to Make an App – Step 5: Build a Prototype

Wireframes are good, designs are better but prototype is the killer. Prototype gives you a Cristal clear flow of your product. You are able to click on various buttons in your UI and see which screen opens up. How will the app actually work once it is developed. 


Building a prototype helps you identify alot of gaps in your product planning


You will be able feel some missing screens and you can fix the flows even before writing a single line of code.  You will have to work with your UI designer again to get the screens fixed. 


How to Make an App – Step 6: Write the User Stories


How to write a user story for your app


Till this point you have just worked either alone or with a UI designer. Now, you will need to collaborate with multiple people to get your product ready. You will need at least one Android developer, one iOS developer, one backend developer, one Web developer for Admin Panel and a Quality Assurance Engineer. Hence, you have to collaborate with at least 5 people to get your product ready. So, it is very important to document the idea. And you do this documentation with User Stories. 


“User Story is tool to capture the description of a feature form an end user perspective. This document will help you avoid infinite number of bugs and miscommunication that happen in a development process”


User Story document is the most underrated tool in App Development world. But it is the most crucial element of making apps. Hence, spend good time on it and ensure that you have captured all the cases that user can follow. 


How to Make an App – Step 7: Explain the App to Development Team


Explain how to make an app to your team

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Armed with the prototype, and the User Stories now you can explain the app idea to your developers who will actually make your app. Walk them through the flow of the app, tell them about the major features, explain them the critical functions and encourage them to ask as many questions as possible. Once they are clear with your requirements they are going to show their magic and make your idea come a reality.   


How to Make an App – Step 8: Make the App

You don’t have to do much in this process, your developers will burn the midnight oil to build the app. Make sure to touch base regularly to clarify any confusion they might have about the flow. 


Do ensure that your team integrates Crashlytics and App Analytics in the build”


These tools will help you to gather crucial customer data, that will help you make better product decisions. 


How to Make an App – Step 9: Test your App


Test Your Mobile App for bugs


Testing and ensuring that the app is free of bugs is very critical. Your Quality Assurance team will surely test it but as a founder the bugs and the issues that you can find no testing team will be able to match it as the vision that is there in your head will always be unparalleled. Hence, spend some time testing true app and share the list of bugs with the developers to fix them. The User Story document that you prepared will come in handy to see if the function of the app matches the requirements that were there.

While you are testing the product you will also observe that some of the things that you thought would work well in the design phase are not actually that impressive. You might want to change those. So, make a change document, share that with the team, discuss the alternative approach and if you think user will be better served with the changes then go ahead and get the changes done.


How to Make an App – Step 10: Test your App, Again

A second round of testing is imperative. The changes and bugs you submitted will need a second look to ensure that they were executed properly once that is done you are good to go. 


“A great app is not the one that is well built but the one that is well tested”


How to Make an App – Step 11: Create a Beta Release of the App

You’ve looked at your app through all possible angles, and you think you’ve managed to develop the next billion dollars baby. However, it is just you who have checked it. Let some other people also test it and see what they have to say. So, you launch a Beta version of your app and share your app with some people in your closed group who will use the app as normal users. They will be able to find those very small details that you as a founder and creator would have completely overlooked. Get those small details ironed out and you are ready to go to market. 


How to Make an App – Step 12: Launch your App


Launch your Mobile App on Play Store


You’ve made it to the finish line. You’ve brought your idea to reality, and the last step is to share it with the world. You share the apps by adding them to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


How to Make an App – Step 13: Analyse the Data

Well, now that the app is live, 


“Your customers will be talking to you constantly via analytics”


Remember you integrated Analytics in your app, now is the time to check that data on regular basis and ensure that your next product decisions are based on the data that you have.


How to Make an App – Step 14: Modify and Adjust

An app is a ever evolving thing. You can always think of cool features to add in your app. Make sure your the new features that you add are backed by the data that you gather. 


“If you keep adding the features that you think Customers want based on the data that you have, the numbers of users who will love your product will keep on increasing”


Hope the guide helps to make an great apps. If you need more suggestions please feel free to Contact Us, we will be happy to help. 


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