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An award winning app connecting people in a new way.

Social is based on a hybrid concept of Facebook and WhatsApp. It allows people to join special interest groups, connect with people having similar interests and stay Connected

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Share city

A platform helping people reduce cost of lodging for their travel.

App allows people to search for fellow travellers to share Airbnb properties and reduce the cost of their lodging

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Helping people stay fit

Users can come on the app and learn martial arts with unique BeatBoxx techniques.

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Urban Kiddie

Connecting Neighbours in society to help raise children

A platform to connect with your neighbours and ask for help. People can post in groups or chat with each other.

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On Demand Peer to Peer courier delivery system

Ravaanaa is a courier delivery platform where customers can post jobs for services providers to send goods from 1 place to another.

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Social Media Platform like Instagram for Native Hindi Speakers

Tiktik is helping the Native Hindi speakers enjoy the benefits of Social Media by allowing people to enjoy social media in their mother tongue Hindi.

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An online travel Portal

Faraya is a platform for people to be able to discover and book the best hotels, clubs and Ski Instructors for Faraya region on Lebanon.

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Online platform to connect students and tutors

Braingroom allows people to be able to find the tutors and learn new skills that they want to.

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Simple Rota Maker

System to create roasters for your staff.

Simple Rota Maker allows you to roasters for your organisation. Your can schedule your workers as per your preference and share the work schedule with them.

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Care Circles

An on demand doctor finding App

Care Circles is a system that allows the patients to search for nearby doctors and book appointments with them. Patients can fill up a simple form and request for a consultation with the doctor.

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A social media polling app

Recommend is a social media polling app that helps people to get on opinion about various products that they want to buy.

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