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Technological Driven ‘App Knit’ Is All Set to Accelerate at GoodFirms

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App Knit Goodfirms Interview

App Knit is a mobile app development Services Company incorporated in 2015 in Chandigarh. The company focuses on user experience to enable better user engagement. The professionals at App Knit strive to give excellent experiences by producing apps that people can use from any corner of the world. Since its inception, the in-house team is indulged in helping more than 30 start-ups to realize their vision to set up their enterprise. Recently GoodFirms team interviewed the CEO of App Knit, Mr. Sumit Bedi for getting aware of the services and standard of working of App Knit. Been the founder of App Knit, Sumit Bedi certainly knows the brand inside out. 

For Sumit, an essential objective for App Knit is to move forward and to become closer with its customers, allowing them to experience services remarkably, and, ultimately, rely on the products. “I believe we must identify our advantages and effectively use them to innovate new business standards,” Sumit says. Talking about the role at App knit, Sumit mentions that he manages all the aspects related to the business and others. The quote stated by Warren Buffett – “ I look for integrity, intelligence, and energy. If a person does not have integrity, you don’t want them to be intelligent and energetic as they will cheat you” inspired Sumit to incept the mobile app developmenmt company where the smart professionals work together and create a happy work atmosphere giving excellent end-results.

Coming to the services catered to the clients at a national and international level, Sumit says, ‘We act as an end to end strategic outsourcing partner for all our mobile app development clients.’ At App Knit, the professional app developers produce and test the best-in-class Android apps, launch them by making sure that they flourish in the busy Android marketplace. App developers at the company also build all kinds of iPhone apps, depending on the different specifications of the clients. ‘Our unique workflow process empowers us to deliver high quality every time. It assures profitable outcomes for our clients and us’ – says Sumit. The experts at App knit gets deep into the clients’ business design, purchaser challenges, and help them to create a product that gives a unique value. Thus, by co-creating value-driven apps with commitment and engagement, it is believed by the research team at GoodFirms that App Knit will soon tap into the list of the top Android app development companies.

The below-displayed review is the evidence of the quality apps produced at App Knit.


App Knit Client Review


Besides mobile app development services, the professionals at App Knit also deals with the clients by giving them high-quality app designs. App Knit consists of expert app designers who are fanatic about every pixel. The team follows a standard process that is inclusive of – Prototyping, Research & Discovery, UI/UX design, and wire-framing. The creators at the company have mastered the skill of rendering the products with excellent interactions and seamless clientele experiences. The group also caters to the clients with sustainable added value and fuses analytical and imperative thinking with creative implementation in each project. Thus, providing to clients with various ideas, the designer’s team will soon facilitate App Knit to dubb amongst the top mobile app designers in India at GoodFirms.

Reading the above mentioned brief details about the services, one gets the idea about the standards maintained at App Knit. To know more about the company, one can have a glimpse of the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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